Privacy policy

Sanpuku Syataku Service Co.,Ltd.(“Sanpuku Syataku Service”) has established this policy in order to protect the customers personal information which use our services. We will handle them properly and make efforts to protect them through this policy.

Sanpuku Syataku Service is aware of the importance of personal information and have implemented the following efforts.

1.Sanpuku Syataku Service will establish rules pertaining to handling Information of customer’s privacy(“Personal Information”) , develop our organizational framework and make efforts to protect Personal Information appropriately.

2.When Sanpuku Syataku Service obtains the Personal Information from customers, we shall obtain Personal Information to the extent necessary after letting customers announce a purpose and a section of consultations.

3.Sanpuku Syataku Service will not disclose or provide your personal information to a third party without your consent, as well as to use it within the scope of the purpose of obtaining and to manage it in an appropriate manner and without special circumstances.

4.Sanpuku Syataku Service will keep the Personal Information accurate and update, and will take measures to avoid illegal access, loss, damage, tampering or leakage of Personal Information.

5.When Sanpuku Syataku Service outsources the Personal Information handling, we will be obligated by the contract to prevent leakage and re-provision, and will implement appropriate management.

6.The Personal Information entrusted to us from the source is strictly managed and used within the scope of the contract.

7.If customers wish to confirm or correct their Personal Information, Sanpuku Syataku Service will promptly respond to them in a reasonable timeframe and scope if they can contact our customer service desk.

8.Sanpuku Syataku Service will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the Personal Information we hold, and maintain and improve our efforts and protection activities in the above paragraphs.

※If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, please contact us.